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In our offer you will find professional knives for chippers from brands like Junkkari, Teknamotor and other leading manufacturers.

In our offer you will find, not only knives for chippers, but also knives for peeling machines, knives for beater mills, knives for reeling mills, counter-knives and equipment e.g. screws, screens etc. Each of the proposed elements is made from high quality tool steel.

Adjusting to diversity from machines to wood industry, we are able to make whichever parts you require. We can create knives from drawings for client projects.

We assure you, that you will find a use for our knives for chippers, knives for reeling mills and others your machinery department.

  • Knives for chippers (Teknamotor, Bruks, Klockner, Bandit, Jenz, Vecoplan, Rudnick, Pallmann, Hombak, Camura, Junkkari and others)
  • Knives for peeling machines (Raute, Cremona)
  • Knives for reeling mills - standard and HSS (Safo, Hamech, Probst, Bezner)
  • Knives for beater mills
  • Hammers for beater mills
  • Counter-knives,
  • Clamping beams, straps, slats
  • Knives for mobile shredders (Eschlbock, Jenz, Doppstadt)
Our knives for the wood industry are produced from special Chipper steel.