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Warranty conditions:

The manufacturer provides warranty protection if defects of material and production at the time of year from date of delivery of the goods or ssuing purchase document.
Do not install in any of machines/devices or use product with damage like fracture, deflection, loss or any of external defect.
Product can be mounted only in machines/devices which is intended to it and only by person with qualifications to mount product. Use product in machines/devices not intended to it or by person without qualifications cancels warranty protection.
Product must be exploited in a proper manner taking into account current instructions or warranty protection will be canceled.
Machine/device with mounted product, should be used in accordance with recommendations from manufacturer from machine/device where was mounted product. Using the machine/device in a manner incorrect with the manufacturer's instructions cancels warranty protection on product.
Products, whose disadvantages have been possible to determine before mounting, They are not subject warranty protection. In this case, the manufacturer is not liable for the costs associated with dismantling, montage, transportation or damage and lost parts or any of indirect damages
Failure to comply with any of the above conditions, causes loss of rights from warranty.
Powers from buyer resulting from warranty are off.

Rules of processing of complaint from warranty:

The buyer must notify the manufacturer of a product defect within 14 days of its discovery.
Each complaint must be notified in writing ( sent by registered mail ) to the manufacturer. The complaint needs a detailed description of the defect.
The buyer shall, at the request of the manufacturer's to share a defective product manufacturer with the original product purchase document (invoice). manufacturer receives the defective product by indicated transportation or courier.
The manufacturer reserves the right to request from the Buyer furnish additional documents, information or photographs.
Failure to meet any of these conditions invalidates the submitted complaint .
The manufacturer recognizes the complaint within 30 days of receipt of a valid notification of the defect and the set documents relating to the defective product. No response within the period specified in the preceding sentence , means invalidating of submitted complaint.
In case of taking into consideration the complaint, the manufacturer shall at his own expense replace damaged parts with new ones items the product or the whole product or repair the defective parts of the product or the whole product ( according to the manufacturer's choice).
If you remove the defect is, according to the manufacturer's impossible or impracticable, the manufacturer may reduce the price or return the equivalent of a defective product item or the whole product (according to the manufacturer's choice).
The manufacturer is not liable for any consequential damage caused by a defective product.
Responsibility for direct damages is limited to actual damage , but can not exceed the net price for the product